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For employees, this means upskilling to acquire the important remote working skills in order to stay relevant and get ahead in their career. Over 74 percent[3] of companies intend to permanently shift at least some of their employees to remote work post the pandemic. As a result, companies will be readily hiring employees who not only have the desired expertise for the vacant job position, but also the core competencies to succeed in a remote role. Google has a skill shop to learn about their products but also has a ton of free marketing and digital courses. Coursera has a good-sized database of free training from how to teach online to learning Korean.

  • A Pinterest Assistant can create pinworthy graphics, promoted pins, or new group boards.
  • Larger team meetings or all-hands meetings are good opportunities to connect with other team members and get company updates.
  • Each company has its own tools and methods for getting work done and keeping workers engaged, so you need to feel at ease with learning and using new digital resources.

And, that means, you can quickly and easily develop this skill and become a work-from-home medical billing & coding pro in no time. If you’ve always wanted a remote-friendly career in healthcare, this very well may be it. You will need to attend school and likely obtain certification before you can land a high-paying job as a medical billing pro. Growplaceless, on the other hand, guides learners through the key elements needed for an individual to grow as a remote professional.

Data Entry

Are you a morning person who loves to knock out tasks before lunch? As long as you’re getting enough sleep and making time for yourself, schedule your high-priority work during your best windows of productivity. Along those same lines, one of the qualities of a successful remote employee is assertiveness.

You can easily get started with it by enrolling in a data entry course; getting the certification will help to open up better opportunities for you. Yes, the pay may not be something to brag about but if you stick with it you can make a living out of it. Many companies who hire people to work from home assign tasks to individual employees rather than to teams.

Digital Sales

Remote work has become an integral part of how we interact with each other and do business, so it is essential for you to learn some of the basic remote work skills. Usually, in an office setting, there is a formal schedule and everything is structured. When employees cannot stay informed with the team in real-time, they could miss deadlines. Communication skills and collaboration skills go hand in hand, as communication plays a huge role in successful collaboration.

what skills do you need to work from home

The Remote Hive teaches you how to get a remote job and escape the office. Before you go, please check out our guide on what is upskilling and how you can upskill to increase your chances of landing a remote job. Businesses change direction so being an adaptable person will make you more employable.

Time Management

You will get motivated and the ideas you need will begin to flow when you start doing the actual work. Accounting may seem like a boring desk job, but in reality much of the work can be done from just about anywhere on a computer in the right industries. This is especially true for niche industries, like small business accounting, international tax preparation, etc. If you are interested in development, you can learn the languages needed to code and develop apps for iOS or Android. Having a basic programming foundation is helpful, but you can easily learn just development for apps.

  • Your manager will probably set you deadlines to complete your assignments, but they won’t be walking past your cubicle every so often asking you about progress.
  • While working from home allows you to spend more time on the couch, it’s important to implement regular exercise into your schedule.
  • Any distraction will cause a break in your focus and you may then find it difficult to resume your work.
  • Once projects are underway, provide regular feedback to ensure expectations are being met.
  • So much so that businesses and brands pay a lot to get their message across just so.

Remote employees should be able to work as part of a team just as well as work independently. In a remote team distributed across different locations, effective teamwork becomes the key to success. Teamwork essentially includes communication, things needed to work from home respectfulness, conflict management, and the ability to listen and understand your team member’s opinions. Adaptability is an essential skill that all remote employees should have to manage the constantly changing remote work environment.


This course’s content is tailored to a remote environment and includes practical advice and case studies from experienced remote professionals. Here, we highlight seven essential remote work skills that you can leverage to secure a rewarding remote job. As we delve deeper into the world of remote work, it’s crucial to understand the specific skills that employers are seeking.

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